Lexus LC series models has been officially open for pre-sale, the launch of the new car models three

All the features of Lexus LC series almost “genetic” LF-LC concept car, boomerang style headlamps and unique arched body so that people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.
Lexus LC series includes a hybrid version of the version of the two different power and fuel, and the introduction of domestic LC500h is a hybrid version of the model which, the hybrid system consists of a 3.5LV6 composed of engine and motor, integrated the maximum power of 264kW, 0-100km/h acceleration time is less than 5S.
The length, width and height of LC500h are 4760/1920/1345mm, the wheelbase is 2870mm, and the design of double door and four seat is a large GT sports car. The new GA-L platform to build on the car, the front mid engine rear wheel drive layout, Lexus’s future will come from the front engine rear drive type GA-L platform.
In addition, the new Lexus LC will also launch the blue morpho listed special edition, equipped with Lexus first flash butterfly blue body color and blue color in the morning room, listed three months limited sales.
LC500h’s interior also shows the concept of car like dream design, at the same time, the car is equipped with the same level of leading safety technology. Camera with millimeter wave radar provides pedestrian detection function of the pre collision system, full domain adaptive cruise control, lane keeping and automatic distance light switch function for LC500h.