Samsung finished 8nm process, Xiaolong 845 will adopt

Earlier this year, Samsung announced that it would complete the trial production of 8nm process by the end of the year. However, only now in October, Samsung has already completed this goal ahead of time. Today, Samsung Electronics announced that it has completed its 8nm LPP process validation, with the conditions of mass production, and the process will be positioned as flagship mobile platform.

It is reported that the Samsung 8nm LPP process is adopted by 10nm Xiaolong 835, Exynos 8895 verification of the same FinFET process. Compared to 10nm process technology, the new 8nm technology can improve chip energy efficiency by 10%, while the chip area can be reduced by 10%, and can provide better performance, as well as higher logic gate density.
According to the technical breakthrough of Samsung, executive vice president of Qualcomm RK Chunduru said, “8nmLPP will use 10nm technology after verification, while providing performance and scalability than the current 10nm products better, so the speed will be rapid growth”. This position has also been interpreted as the industry, Qualcomm’s next generation flagship platform Xiaolong 845 will switch to the latest 8nm LPP manufacturing process.

However, considering that Xiaolong 845 will debut at the end of this year or early next year, the time needed to change the technology will be very tight, and the possibility of adopting 8nm LPP technology is not very great. But in any case, Samsung is bound to be next year on the line of new generation of Exynos processor used, so that, next year’s Samsung S9 hardware performance may also let us have no small expectations.