iPhone enduring reason, you deserve to understand

Apple’s mobile phone has been a unique innovation and technology to lead the trend of mobile phones, since the iPhone 4S in China’s “sensation”, the Apple phone in the country has been in a high position, and enduring, because you deserve you understand.

Domestic mobile phone and Apple mobile phone is a typical difference is that most of the domestic mobile phone market to pursue consumption, to do the phone is to meet the market, and Apple’s mobile phone is the pursuit of a unique innovation, is to affect the market. This is when the Apple mobile phone out of a new look, new colors, new features, there will be domestic mobile phone began to follow, this is the Apple mobile phone affected the market, while the domestic mobile phone to meet the current market.

Second, the Apple phone brand effect, have to say, in a large part of the young people, still feel that Apple is a mobile phone can not match. Cook had said similar words, a company to do the original intention of the product is to do the ultimate. Apple’s mobile phone is the ultimate innovation and technology, so when consumers buy, its reliability and innovation will meet your expectations, naturally have the influence.