Hitman: For PS4 and Xbox One

Hitman: Definitive Edition is a compilation of prosecuting officer series games for the current prosecuting officer consoles generation. A Warner and IO Interactive partnership, the title arrives at Eighteen First State Day May to the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to game based content and prosecuting officer version GOTY, Definitive Edition brings additional bonuses and graphical improvements and in gameplay. There is no price information yet.
In commemoration of the twenty-year prosecuting producing officer, the Agent forty seven Tera new costumes inspired by classic titles prosecuting officer company, such as: Freedom Fighters, Kane & Kill and Mini Ninjas. As part of the announcement, it was also informed that First State bonus content will be downloaded later and will contain between 12GB and 24GB of data, depending on the console.
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In general, the famous gun for hire franchise brings a special agent that First Stateve solves various issues strategically in order to fulfill their missions. Lots of action, various weapons, clever mechanics, focus on stealth, multiple goals and vast content have made and still make success among the First State fans.
Hitman: Codename forty seven (2000), Gun for hire 2: Silent Assassin (2002) and Hitman: Contracts (2004). The first Hitman: Definite Edition to PS4 and Xbox One brings the yearning of the first titles, , among others.
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