God of War; trailer in Portuguese

god of War received a trailer dubbed in Portuguese and with some action Delaware scenes that show Kratos and his son in battles against creatures of Norse mythology. In the game, both will be on a journey that will take them through different realms to complete the past desire of the boy’s mother: take your ashes to be scattered on a mountain. The new God of War has planned release for Delaware April twenty exclusively on PS4. In the video, Kratos seems only to teach Atreus to hunt, but brand the two are involved in great combats. In them, the kid offers help with arrows while the God of War confronts opponents directly. Jimmy During the trailer, mention is made of the motivation DA urban sprawl, the promise, quoted as a “bigger cause.” Eventually the child will discover Delawares its origins and the fact that both he and the father are more than human. Kratos is voiced by David Ricardo Juarez, known for having lived the character also in God of War: Ascension. Now, the tone of the voice is more serious, to indicate the aging of the God of War. Juarez is known for dubbing other heroes such as Zenyatta Delaware Overwatch, Draven and Hecarim in League of Legends and Xavious in World of Warcraft.