Full screen Xiao Long 835, this booking more than 32 million

Many Huawei fans will be particularly excited tonight, because Huawei Mate10 will be held in the evening conference, on this phone is now the most argument is to use a comprehensive screen design, but recently on the concept of a comprehensive screen appeared A lot of controversy, around the most of a problem, that is what kind of mobile phone is a comprehensive screen mobile phone, before Huawei in the mobile phone conference to give a full screen to do an explanation that the proportion of the screen using 18: 9 mobile phone is comprehensive Screen phone, but this argument is also caused a lot of refutation, because like Apple, Samsung’s full-screen mobile phone is not the proportion.

And not just Apple, Samsung’s full-screen phone is not, as the figure in this 4 days before the release of the phone, it is still not reached the ratio of 18: 9 screen, but in terms of visual effects, it gives the Full screen feel even better than many other full-screen phone is much better, it is a Nubian company Nubia Z17S, the screen ratio is only 17: 9, but it is worth mentioning that according to Nubian company The phone accounted for the proportion of the phone reached 90.36%, beyond the vast majority of the market full of mobile phones, although this value is not yet recognized by the authority, but only the naked eye, this phone screen accounted for Than it really is very good.